Listen up filth pigs, I'm your new Queen. OBEY me and only me. Your money is no longer yours. Its MINE. Spend every cent you have on me, you worthless pigs. I don't give a fuck what you need money for, I need it more than you ever will. You are all losers and and I'm here to remind you of that. I'm far too good for any of you pathetic losers. I require cash to feed my needs. You get nothing if you can't pay up. Then again, you may get nothing even if you do. I'll blackmail you into debt. I'll ruin your life. I'll make you wish you were never born. All for my own selfish needs, of course. I deserve your cash. Pay the Queen your dues.

$ 50 USD

$ 100 USD

$ 150 USD

Turn My Phone on NOW

Don't make me wait any longer

$ 50 USD

$ 30 USD

$ 300 USD

$ 500 USD

Financial Domination

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